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If you're interested in having me mix your song, EP, or Album, use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your project! I do all mixing rates on an individual basis, so please provide any and all details you can, including genre of your band, a demo or rough mix of a song, and your phone number so we can talk specifics. I specialize in mixing hard rock and metal bands/projects, but I'm a lover of great music in all styles, so I'm open to working in any genre you'd like to submit! If you choose to have me mix your music, and also want it mastered, I will add in mastering services at a discounted rate. Can't wait to hear your songs!

Re Amping (per song)
  • Re Amping (per song)
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I'm now able to provide re-amping services for those of you who want amazing guitar tones on your recordings. I've spent almost a decade tuning my ears and knowledge of rock and metal guitar sounds, and the best ways to dial them in for a track, and I'm able to provide them tuned specific to your projects and gear tastes. This is a NO BRAINER, cost effective, and easy way to massively improve the sound of your tracks! Email or use the contact form below for test, examples, or questions!

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In addition to mixing services, I offer extremely affordable and high quality flat rate mastering. If you'd like your finished mix to be given new life, balanced properly, and brought up to an exciting and commercial volume, submit your song below! I do this from my home studio, with the best of the best in modern audio software, so I'm able to provide excellent sound, extremely reasonable rates, and short turnaround times. Discounts available for multiple songs and full records, use the contact form at the bottom of the page for those options! Please provide any details you can when you submit your music, and I'll be in touch about qualifying projects soon!

Single Song Mastering
  • Single Song Mastering
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One track, one flat rate, no hassle! Use the contact form below if you're interested in having multiple songs, an EP, or a full album mastered. If your project qualifies, I'll be in touch with you very soon!

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