Mixing Services 


Mixing is an incredibly important stage in the music production process, and I specialize in creating polished, massive, competitive, and organic sounding rock and metal mixes specifically. If you'd like to work together on your music,  don't hesitate to contact me for pricing, which I try to keep as affordable as possible, while maintaining an excruciating quality standard!

-For delivery, I can accept consolidated files with zero start, or Logic Pro sessions if you happen to have them. When sending files, don’t convert sample rate or bit depth from what you’ve been recording with, it doesn’t matter if they are different between songs. 24 bit recording or higher is always recommended. Please take the time and effort number, name, or otherwise organize your files in a way that is easy for me to navigate. Please also include a rough mix, or you will get a message from me asking for one. It is only for me to know that all files are present and in sync, doesn’t matter how it sounds. 

-If your recordings need heavy editing, I’ll be sending you a message about this also. Your mix engineer will not do this for you as standard, but I can offer these additional services if necessary. 

-Please include guitar and bass DI tracks if you have recorded them. I’m always happy to reamp them if needed, but even if this is not necessary, having clean DI tracks provides a visual aid that is incredibly helpful for me when navigating a session. 

-Problematic recording session, or prefer to be present during some of the process? I offer “attended” mixing via zoom with high audio quality, please express interest in this via email or a message.


Mastering is the final step in the production process, and the last possible place to quality check and enhance your song before it is released into the world. It's also something that, when done poorly, can ruin the hard work you put in to your recording by sucking the life out of  your mix or presenting it in a way that just doesn't work or translate. Often overlooked, it's one of the most important stages to get "right", and can help you with this while keeping the cost as affordable as possible!



-Full Album or EP Mastering-

If you have multiple songs that will be released at one time, this is the most logical and cost effective option. Prices done to-order, contact me via email or message to express interest. Delivery in all digital formats, including DDP. Please do not convert sample rate or bit depth before sending your mixes, it doesn’t matter if they are different between songs. 


-Single Song Mastering-

$75 for a single song, including reasonable revisions. Please do not convert sample rate or bit depth before sending your mix. 


-Stem Mastering- 

Not sure if your mix is as good as it can possibly be before hitting the mastering stage? I offer stem mastering services as well. $25 additional charge per song, but much more flexibility and room for improving your mix during the mastering stage. Contact me via email or message for interest, instructions, or general questions. 


If you’re not sure which option is right for you, please send me a contact email using the form below with details about your specific situation and project and we’ll discuss what will be the best possible option for your music! Looking forward to working with you!