Jack uses and endorses the following gear:


I play Dean Guitars exclusively! I've been playing Dean since I was 12 years old, and they make absolutely stellar instruments! For more info:



I use Fishman Fluence Modern pickups in my favorite guitars. Fluence is an amazing technology, I can highly recommend any and all of these pickups, and I use them religiously! The tone is crystal clear, full, warm, aggressive, and peerless! For more info: 



Asterope Pro Studio and Stage cables are the only cables I use, and for good reason. They sound amazing and have never given me a single issue. 100% honest to whatever instrument and amp they're plugged in to, and they stay pure regardless of cable length. Combined with the Fishman pickups, it's truly the perfect system. For more info: 



Swiss picks are absolutely brilliant! I've always been a fan of the teardrop "jazz" style picks, and the Swiss Picks Jazz Mini's do it better than anyone else! Years of research have gone in to making these the best sounding and most effortless pick to play with! It's always a bit of disappointment to play with any other pick :') For more info:



I don't use many effects when I play, but one of the absolute essentials of my tone has always been a great overdrive pedal. The Joyo Vintage Overdrive is a fantastic version of the classic "808" style pedal, that has become the go to for great metal guitar tone. Not only are these pedals amazing sounding, but they're EXTREMELY affordable and durable. For more info: